Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

The ever-increasing needs and application of computers in almost every walk of life need not be overemphasized. The situation in developing countries as compared to the developed ones is no different. Computers now-a-days are being widely used in all fields conceivable. To keep pace with this advancement in Computer Science and Engineering, it is essential that efforts are made both in the public and private sectors to develop human resources in this particular field.

 Opportunities to pursue academic programs in Computer Science and Engineering are not rather limited in Bangladesh. The prime objective of establishing the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of this university is to make a concerned effort towards achieving the goal of providing quality education. Distinguished faculty members from home & abroad are working in this department.


 Courses leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering will extend over four academic years and will be divided into 8 (Eight) semesters conforming to the University Rules and Regulations. The course of study shall be an integrated one carrying a total of 160 Credits (5450 Marks). All the courses are compulsory for each student.

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