Sonia Corraya
Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Professional Exprience of Sonia Corraya

July 2017-Present
Department of Computer Science and Engineering 
School of Engineering and Computer Science   
Jagannath  University 
June 2014-July 2017

Department of Computer Science and Engineering 
School of Engineering and Computer Science   
BRAC University  
Teaching Courses and Projects 


January 2014-June 2014

Software Consultant

Business Project ‘Troyee’ (Accounting System Management Automation)


Dhaka, Bangladesh

Roles & Responsibilities

- Analyze platform , identify scope, plan and design ‘Big view’ for any project along with researching and justifying its future social affects in dimensional impacts in human lives.

- Conduct survey based research & knowledge management , generate summarized project progress report, design and simulate different case studies, monitoring and guiding progress of any project and system, post effect analysis and proper documentation for knowledge and resource re-use in future. 


- Find a software solution that will satisfy the needs and requirements of the organization.

- Work with the clients and vendors in order to obtain specifications for software development..

- Analyze, plan, research, evaluate and then recommend network and data communications hardware and software depending on the clients' needs and domain specification.

Coordinate changes in database, test and execute the database management system.

- Carry out security measures in order to ensure safety for the computer database.

May 2014-May 2014


Commercial-Business Intelligence, Planning and Systems 
Grameenphone Ltd.

Roles & Responsibilities

Developing "dimensional data models"

-  Working closely with a diverse group of stakeholders to

understand the data requirements and the full attribute set for entities/measures and dimensions

- Converting business process, domain specific knowledge and information needs into a "conceptual" model

- Converting "conceptual" models into "logical" models with detailed entities/measures and dimensions

- Develop and maintain conceptual, logical and physical dimensional data models to ensure that the information models are capable of meeting end users' (and/or OBIEE developers') need.

Developing data "extraction", "transformation" and "loading" routines

- Developing the over-all plan for data extraction

- Deciding on data source/s

- Execution of the Data Extraction Plan 

Maintenance & New Development

- Work closely with end/business users and IT/Tech team for the maintenance of existing systems/applications 

- Scope and manage new development as per user requirements from the users and in in line with BI Roadmap.

Reports and Dashboards

- Gather and synthesize user requirements, decompose and translate the same into technical specifications and ensure timely delivery.

Quality Checking

- Unit, system and regression testing

- Expeditiously troubleshoot application production issues that resolve the issues without causing additional problems

- Monitor to maintain and increase the quality of data being feed into various consuming systems/application by adhering to the industry standard methods/techniques as per prevailing policies and QC requirement.

November 2012- November 2013


BIDW & CLM (Business Intelligence Data   Warehousing and Customer Life Cycle Management) Systems

ROBI Axiata Ltd. (An Axiata Company, Malaysia)


    Roles & Responsibilities

- Contribute to the architectural planning, data modeling, process flow documentation and the design and development of Data Warehouse solutions, like new ETL source integration and enhancement of existing procedures and ETL processes using Oracle PL/SQL and Shell programming.

 Perform detail system analysis and design overall process flow.

 Ensure accurate support and enhancement of Financial MIS accounting.

Develop technical and user documentation.

 Develop Dimensional modeling.

Design and development of ETL procedures.

Working with database administrators to ensure that the data warehouse is tuned for optimal performance.

    Highlighted projects/tasks and Achievements



1.    Oracle Communication Data Model (OCDM)– responsibilities include: scope identify, present gap analyze, feasibility study, design, and testing with validation.

2.    Robi Seiram 3.5G Service - responsibilities include: 3G system analyze, technology research, structure design & map , develop and validate after go-live at data-warehouse and reporting end.

3.    DMS-Data Manipulation System- responsibilities include: Design, develop and manipulate data logically to generate summarized report with automatic job sharing.

4.    ADCS- responsibilities include: research and  finalize existing mediation and new systems requirement. Develop and Business Object report generation.

5.    New Mediation System Implementation - responsibilities include: functional requirements gathering, and provide feasible solution within new version’s scope.

6.    BTRC-NBR - Audit action- responsibilities include: Prepare summarized report about SIM replacement numbers and presenting raw data from online database to BTRC-NBR personnel in order to validate genuine SIM replacement.


     - Ensuring correct daily revenue reflect from distinct dimensions at BO (Business Object) report along with specifying reason for abnormal trend.
     - New CDR checking and developing whole process flow at data warehouse and BO end.
     - User and System access control: Providing NOC-No Objection Certification  as well as  hierarchical access at systems.
     - Keeping available free table space by cleaning and taking backup of all record to ensure daily smooth and correct ETL process execution.
     - Real time support via VPN for any emergency at system end.
     -  MD SMS delivery within threshold time.
     - Month closing and reporting.
     - Exadata server, BI-DW and BO  gap closing.
     - Change Management and development by SLA
Bug fixing within agreed timeline. 

May 2012-October 2012

System Engineer-Database 
MIS department- (IT-National Office)
World Vision Bangladesh

    Roles & Responsibilities

 ·        Analysis, Design and Develop Enterprise Databases.

·         Database Administration, Optimization and Maintenance.

·         Manage Database Servers, Backup and Database Replication.

·         Response to on-demand and regular periodic supports to the System Analyst regarding Database and Queries.

·         Data Manipulation, Storing, Data Mining, Data Warehousing and provide compiled data for Reporting.

·         Managing Data Safety, Security, Integrity, Data Delivery and Data Cleaning.

    Highlighted tasks and Achievements


1.    Our People: responsibilities include- HR system automation monitoring and  technical support provide, knowledge coordinate , finalizing system features by closely working with vendor and raw code knowledge gathering to maintain and update the system in future on –demand.

2.    Yearly Government Reporting System  Automation: Responsibilities include: Develop ToR (Terms of Reference), Existing manual system study & analyze by meeting all field level users of distinct hierarchy levels, feature and requirement specification, whole system scope finalization, other systems’ dependency mapping and central database design.


- Assist in writing TOR for different projects; for example in  ‘Yearly Government Reporting System’. –by logically specifying in-detail design document and finalizing it by real users.

 HR system automation project coordination and management plan and execute by developing task-scheduling chart.

 ‘Lotus Notes’ system installation at end users’ computer.

-  Access control like admin, super and sub-user profile creation at server and database end.

-  Provide technical support to system and hardware users.

-  Keep track of all device’s detail & current status and generate report.


May 2010-September 2010

Software Test Engineer
SQA Division
Therap (BD) Ltd.
    Roles & Responsibilities
  • Reviewing requirements, specifications and technical design documents to provide timely and meaningful feedback
  • Creating detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test plans and test cases
  • Estimating, prioritizing, planning and coordinating testing activities
  • Testing all aspects of the product/system like function/component, system, performance, regression and service.
  • Work with development team to identify and capture test cases, ensure version management
  • Setting up of test environments, designing test plans, developing test cases/scenarios/usage cases, and executing these cases.
  • Providing feedback on usability and serviceability, trace the result to quality risk and report it to concerned people.