Department of Economics

One of the oldest departments of Jagannath University, the Department of Economics offers knowledge, discipline and academic excellence. The place, over the years, has turned into a vibrant department with strong cooperation between our students and faculties. It has been attracting young and aspiring talents of Bangladesh to train the science and arts of economics. Blessed with some excellent experienced and young faculties, the department has been striving hard to make a difference in the thinking of its pupil. In the contemporary world of increased globalization and interconnectivity, the Department of Economics, Jagannath University, is offering courses and programs that would facilitate the students to overcome the challenges in a highly competitive twenty-first century. Economics is a discipline that is both complex and equally interesting in nature as it embraces deep knowledge of philosophy to advanced mathematics and thereby penetrates the daily life of human being. Understanding this unique feature, the department has been constantly making efforts to engage its students and faculties to involve in collaborative research which would contribute to the society.


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