Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

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Department of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology


In recent years, human knowledge has achieved unprecedented growth in the field of biological sciences. Study of organisms at cellular and molecular level has provided techniques for manipulation of genetic material. It allows humans to alter an organism's characteristics in a particular way. Modern biotechnology employs these techniques of Genetic Engineering for meeting the challenges of the 21st century and making our lives better. With the help of genetic engineering, biotechnology has the potential to bring unparalleled advancements in industry, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, agriculture, fuel and waste management. In short, it is a vital field of applied science for ensuring a sustainable future.




Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Jagannath University wants to be an excellent educational and research-based institute, recognized at both national and international level, by provding state-of-art knowledge in the field of biological/life sciences.


Mission & Objectives 


The mission of this Department is to develop skilled manpower in the field of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering by providing both practical and theoretical knowledge. Department believes such skilled personnel will help our country as well as the world to meet the challenges of the twenty first century.

To achieve this, the department sticks to the following objectives:

  • Designing a well-defined and updated curriculum that covers various branches of biotechnology including agriculture, healthcare, industry and environment.
  • Never compromising in timely completion of academic activities.
  • Ensuring a good and effective learning environment so that students not only acquire knowledge but also develop skills and competence making them well-equipped for wide range of career jobs
  • Establishing sophisticated state-of-the-art research facilities to perform research in sustainable and cutting-age areas of biotechnology
  • Helping each student become technically competent by providing hands on training in research
  • Promoting meaningful collaboration with academia, industry and research organization across the globe.
  • Encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship among students by imparting knowledge about bringing technologies from laboratory bench to industry.