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Department of Microbiology


The department offers a full-time 4-year BSc (Hon’s) program in Microbiology. The course aims to give detailed knowledge and understanding of important aspects of Microbiology and as currently applied in industry, food, health and medical sciences, environmental management as well as in research. To be eligible for admission in the 4-year BSc (Hon’s) program, the candidates must have biology, chemistry and physics including mathematics in their Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Examination in Science group or recognized equivalent examinations. The educational qualification of the candidate shall be decided as per university admission rules. For obtaining the bachelor degree a student have to earn required number of total credit points successfully with the final CGPA of 2.5 (at least 50% of marks).


The 4-year BSc (Hon’s) will span over 8 semesters with 140 credits of which year-wise course distribution has been detailed in the following table. A minimum of 15 class hours will constitute one credit and will carry 25 marks. There shall be three types of courses Theoretical, Practical/Research Project, and Viva-voce. Of the total 140 credits, 106 credits are allocated for Theoretical courses (departmental 84, and extra-departmental 22). Practical courses including research project contain 26 credits. Theoretical course will include class-teaching, open discussion, academic assignment etc. Each theoretical course will be evaluated by Continuous Assessment (30% marks) and Semester final Examination (70% marks). Practical courses for one credit point will be at least two contact hours in a week, and it will cover 10-20% of the total credit hours. During the final semester (8th semester), a research project will be assigned to the students and it will be decided by the departmental academic committee. Viva-voce examination will have 8 credit points and will be held at the end of 2nd semester-final examination in each academic year.



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