Department of Sociology

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Department of Sociology


Department of Sociology at the Jagannath University has played a significant role in defining the nature of the discipline. The department has been at the vanguard of the most exciting developments within the field over the past ten years. Traditionally, our program has been well-known for its original research and training in qualitative and quantitative methods. Under our umbrella, we pursue research that is leading many sociological subfields in new and different directions. We wmphasize teaching and research. Indeed, we draw no hard boundaries between our research and teaching mission.We value and promote methodological, social, and cultural diversity.


Our graduate program teaches students to think analytically about our socity, its structure, and its organization. According to a recent inspection, our graduates overwhelming attribute professional and occupational success to their experiences as sociology students. By virtue of their sociological training and learning, students find they have a broad array of post-grauate opportunities.

Our postgraduate program trains students to do rigorous research and to be the next generation of exceptional social scientists, whether in academia, government, the non-profit sector, or private industry. The Jagannath University sociology post-graduate program:


  • Attracts one of the most diverse and academically talented students in the country.
  • Offers small classes that facilitate personalized learning and faculty mentorship.
  • Allows students opportunities to conduct and present their ongoing research to faculty.
  • Provides opportunities to participate on debate, human chain, and seminar and in different graduate student competitions.

Graduate and postgraduate study at JU Sociology is characterized by both its broad intellectual reach and its scholarly and scientific depth. The department particularly focuses on few major subfields of sociology— Environment and Climate Change; Economic Sociology, Gender and Development; Medical Sociology; War and Genocide; Postmodern Sociology; Consumption; Political Sociology; Science and Technology; Poverty. Students may also work with faculty to develop individualized areas of specialization. Our distinguished faculty conducts research around the country, putting our department and our students on the forefront of globalization issues.


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