Jagannath University Journal of Science
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Volume & Issue Author`s Name Title
Volume 7 Issue 1Md. Mafujul Haque1, Sidhartha Bhowmick1*, Md. Mamun Molla2Mixed Convective Non-Newtonian Flow along an Isothermal Sphere Download
Volume 7 Issue 1Md. Mozaffar Hosain, Muhammad Tareq* Statistical Analysis to Identify the Factors Affecting Employment Creation by Rural Micro Enterprises in BangladeshDownload
Volume 7 Issue 1Ratan Kumar Chanda, Bishnu Pada Ghosh, Sidhartha Bhowmick, Rabindra Nath Mondal* A Spectral Study on Transient Fluid Flow and Temperature Distribution through a Rotating Curved Rectangular Duct with Vortex Structure Download
Volume 7 Issue 1Dilip Kumar Mondol1, Abu Sayeed Md. Ripon Rouf 2*, Nahid Zahan1 Experiences of Sexual Harassment and Its Impact on Academic Performance of Female Students: A Study in Rajshahi University Download
Volume 7 Issue 1Sidhartha Bhowmick1*, Md. Mamun Molla2, Rabindra Nath Mondal1 Natural Convective Flow along a Vertical Flat Plate with Sinusoidal Surface Heat Flux Case Download
Volume 7 Issue 1Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman1, Muhammad Abdullah Al-Mansur2, Shanta Easmin1, Tahmina Afroz1, Md. Shahinul Haque3, Md. Mizanur Rahman4, Md. Aminul Haque1* Chemical and Biological Screening of Endophytes from Bark of Gynura procumbensDownload
Volume 7 Issue 1Nasrin Sultana, S. M. Abu Nayem, Abdul Awal, Subrata C. Roy, Md. Aminul Haque, A. J. Saleh Ahammad* Selective Determination of Ranitidine in the Presence of Metronidazole at an Activated Glassy Carbon Electrode Download
Volume 7 Issue 1S.M.M. Karim1, A. Samad1, S.K. Roy2, Z. Rahman2, S.M.M. Hassan2, S. Naher1* Comparative Assessment on Physico-Chemical Properties and Mineralogical Analysis of Different Types of Cottonseed Available in Bangladesh Download
Volume 7 Issue 1Mst. Moushumi Pervin*, Md. Siddiqur Rahman, Shahanaj Parvin, Salma AktMinimum Sample Sizes for Likelihood Ratio Tests: A Simulation Study Download
Volume 7 Issue 1Suranjan Kumar Das1*, Manoj Kumar Biswas1, Md. Selim Reza2 Study of Radiation Dose Rate around Patients in Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (PET/CT) Units Download