Jagannath University Journal of Arts
ISSN 2519-5816

Paper Submission Scope/ Topics

Focus and Scope

The scope of the Jagannath University Journal of Arts focuses on theoretical and empirical research in the Arts and Humanities disciplines. The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts from the following categories:

Arts category includes following fields:
•    Visual arts (drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, design, creativity, sculpture, conceptual art)
•    Performing arts (music, theater, dance)
•    The journal also welcomes articles from literary arts, art history, and culinary art  

Humanities category includes following fields:
•    Anthropology
•    Archeology
•    Communication studies
•    Cultural studies
•    Development studies
•    Education
•    Geography
•    History
•    Journalism
•    Language
•    Law
•    Library science
•    Linguistics
•    Literature
•    Novels and short stories
•    Philosophy
•    Poetry
•    Religion/Theology