Jagannath University Journal of Arts
ISSN 2519-5816

Submission Guidelines/ Authors Guidelines



With multidisciplinary approach Jagannath University Journal of Arts is a research publication published twice a year in July and December. Articles encompassing wide-ranging topics and issues written by University teachers, researchers and scholars are considered for publishing after going through review process. Only original and unpublished papers are to be submitted in duplicate, along with a soft copy, type-written or word-processed (computer composed) in A-4 size paper and double-spaced throughout, including author affiliations, the figure captions and the tables mentioning source.

In matters of style, the papers should follow either the Chicago Manual or MLA Style Sheet.

The title page should comprise the following:

i.           title of the paper,

ii.         name (s) of authors,

iii.       a short title for use as running head

iv.       address of Department/Institute/Bureau to which communication pertaining to the article should be directed.

Address for submission of articles with a proper covering letter is given below:



Dean, Faculty of Arts

Dean Office, Room No: 720

New Building

Jagannath University

Dhaka-1100, Bangladesh