Jagannath University Journal of Science
ISSN 2224-1698

Paper Submission Scope/ Topics

The Jagannath University Journal of Science (Jagannath Univ. J. Sci.) is an official journal of the faculty of Sciences, Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, The aim of the journal is to publish scientific articles of original and innovative research work in different areas of science twice in a year in January & July.  It invites scientific articles of international standard and quality from all over the world.


Categories of Papers: The journal includes three types of articles (e.g. Regular Papers, Short Communications and Review Articles).

Regular Papers: Regular Papers should describe valuable new information and should be submitted in their final complete form and within maximum of 12 printed pages.

Short Communications: Short Communications should describe an important finding of particular interest, in order to justify the publication of the paper as a preliminary report. As a rule, communications should not exceed four printed pages.

Review Articles: A Review should be on a topic of any subject within the scope of the journal.