Mehnaz Tabassum (Study Leave)
Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Conference Papers of Mehnaz Tabassum (Study Leave)

[C5] Sajib Bhawal and Mehnaz Tabassum, "Forensic Image Reconstruction based on Efficient Morphological Operational Model", Accepted in International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Data Mining and Information Security (IEMIS2018), Kolkata, India.

[C4] Al Bashir, Niamatullah Naeem and Mehnaz  Tabassum, “Biometric Image Enhancement, Feature extraction and Recognition comprising FFT and Gabor Filtering”. Accepted in Computing Conference 2018, London, United Kingdom.

[C3] Mahadi Hasan, Jakir Hossain and Mehnaz  Tabassum, “Efficient Image Steganography Using Adaptive Cryptographic Algorithms”. Accepted in Computing Conference 2018, London, United Kingdom.

[C2] Nahida Parvin, Ayesha aziz and Mehnaz Tabassum, "Casualty Reduction Intelligent System (CRIS) Based on Classified Prediction & Comparative Analysis of Industrial Mishaps"- In Fifth IEEE Region 10 (Asia Pacific) Humanitarian Technology Conference (R10HTC) , December 21-23, 2017.

[C1] Md.Al-Amin Hossain, Jannatul Ferdous, Mehnaz Tabassum,  "Non-visual Environmental Imaging and Object Detection through Electrical Impedance Tomography" - 4th International Conference on Advances in Electrical Engineering(ICAEE) 28-30 September, 2017, Dhaka, Bangladesh.