Dr. Shahid Kader Chowdhury
Department of History

Biography of Dr. Shahid Kader Chowdhury

Dr. Chowdhury Shahid Kader is a young Liberation War researcher and author. He has achieved his PhD on the role of the common people of India in the Liberation War. His research area focuses on the history of Liberation War, genocide and local history. Along with Professor Muntassir Mamoon, Dr. Shahid has also been involved with the first-ever 'Genocide Museum' of Bangladesh since its inception. He is a member of the Board of Trustees and General Secretary of Bangladesh History Congress. Dr. Shahid has also served as a coordinator of the Indo-Bangladesh Friendship Garden, built in the Tripura State of India. He has published 6 books on Genocide. He has written about the multilateral role of Tripura in the Liberation War in his book name ‘Muktijuddho O Tripura: Shoronarthi, Songbadpotro O Sadharon Manus’. He wrote ‘the Liberation War in Muktijuddhe Varoter Cikitsha Sohaoyta’ on the medical assistance of India, and ‘Muktijuddhe Borak Upotakkar Kobita O Kobigan’ on the poets of the Barak valley of Assam, India. He also wrote ‘Muntassir Mamoon Kivabe Amader Holen’ on the historian Muntassir Mamoon’s life and action. He has also edited the book titled ‘Bramha School theke Jagannath Universtiy’. In collaboration with Professor Muntassir Mamoon, he Co-edited the 3 volumes of ‘Gonomaddhome Bangladesher Muktijuddho’. The number of his published books are 21.

Besides, articles on liberation war and genocide been published in various journals. By profession, he is working as an Associate Professor in the History Department of Jagannath University, Bangladesh. He has also taught the 'History of the Liberation War of Bangladesh' at West Bengal State University as a guest faculty in 2014. Dr. Shahid received the National Professor Salauddin Ahmed Award in 2018. In the same year, he awarded the 'Young Liberation War Researcher Award' launched by the Dhaka University Research Society. He also received the 'Kali O kolom: Young Poet and Author Award' in 2019.