Tanvir Ahammad
Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Publication of Tanvir Ahammad

Journal Articles

  • Tanvir Ahammad, Tamanna Yesmin, Md. Mahmudul Hasan, Sudipta Kumar Mondal and Selina Sharmin. “An approach for collaboration between different stakeholders to strengthen the public health system”. Informatica, vol. 46, no. 7 (2022). (Q3)
  • Tanvir Ahammad. "RISK FACTOR IDENTIFICATION FOR STROKE PROGNOSIS USING MACHINE-LEARNING ALGORITHMS." Jordanian Journal of Computers and Information Technology (JJCIT), vol 8, no. 03 (2022). (Q3)
  • Tanvir Ahammad, Md. Delwar Hossain and Md. Mahmudul Hasan. “Towards an Online Legal Service Platform: A Framework for Client Lawyer Interaction in Bangladesh.” Indonesian Journal of Multidiciplinary Research (IJoMR), Vol 2, No 2 (2022).
  • Tanvir Ahammad, Md. Khabir Uddin, Tamanna Yesmin, Abdul Karim, Sajal Halder and Md. Mahmudul Hasan. “Identification of Abusive Behavior Towards Religious Beliefs and Practices on Social Media Platforms.” International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA), 12(6), 2021. (Q3).