Rahama Rahim (PhD Study Leave)
Department of Psychology

Biography of Rahama Rahim (PhD Study Leave)



Rahama Rahim

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology   

Jagnnath University

Web Address : www.jnu.ac.bd

E-mail : rrahim24@psy.jnu.ac.bd

Rahama Rahim is  currrently working as an Assistant Professor at the department of Psychology, Jagannath University. Before that, she had been working in the same university as a Lecturer since 2017. Initially, she started her career as a visiting lecturer at the Department of Psychology, National University (Eden Girl's College). She received B.Sc.( Hons, 2009) and M. Sc.(2010) degrees from the Department of Psychology,  University of Jagannath, Bangladesh. She also received Honorary Psychotherapy Training from Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), Bangladesh.She is  a life member of Bangladesh Psychological Association (BPA). 

         Research  Areas: Cognitive Abilities, Educational and Developmental psychology ( child, adolescents), Industrial and Organizational behavior, Autism,Clinical Psychology, Psychology related to social and cultural issues.

        Teaching: Human Physiology, Principles of Clinical Psychology, Assessment, treatment and prevention in Educational and Developmental Psychology, Introduction to Industrial and Management Psychology, Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Cognitive Psychology.

        Hobby: Acquiring the new knowledge, travelling, reading books, listening  music, spending time with family and friends, and so on.