Kazi Nur Hossain
Department of Psychology

Biography of Kazi Nur Hossain

Kazi Nur Hossain

Assistant Professor


Kazi Nur Hossain received his MS in Psychology from the University of Dhaka. This was followed by research work at Economic Research Group (ERG). He joined the faculty of the University of Chittagong in 2012 as a Lecturer in Psychology. Since 2015 he has been Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Jagannath University.

He studies perception and feeling as they unfold in a social context, with a focus on Psychological Adjustment. He examines social attitudes and beliefs in adults and children, especially those that have roots in a family attachment. His current research interests focus on the spillover and crossover effect of un/favorable experiences of work and family on life satisfaction. 

Research Areas

Organizational Behavior 


Research Themes

Parent-Child Acceptance and Rejection
Job demands
Latitude Control