Dr. Dipika Rani Sarker
Department of Physics

Biography of Dr. Dipika Rani Sarker

Dr. Dipika Rani Sarker is currently working as a Grade-1 Professor of Jagannath University. She successfully finished her tenure as a Chairman (Department of Physics) and Dean (Faculty of Science). Due to her excellent role for the betterment of Faculties, she has been elected as a President of Jagannath University Teacher's Associattion (JnuTA) in 2018.   

Grade -1 Professor, Department of Physics, Jagannath University, Dhaka

Professor, Department of Physics, Jagannath University

Ex-Dean, Faculty of Science, Jagannath University.

Ex-Chairman, Department of Physics, Jagannath University

Syndicate member, Jagannath University

President (From Nill Dal), Jagannath University Teacher’s Association (JNUTA-2019).