Dr. Shaikh Masrick Hasan
Department of Finance

Biography of Dr. Shaikh Masrick Hasan

Dr. Shaikh Masrick Hasan
BBA & MBA (Dhaka); MSc (Finance and Risk, London); PG Cert (Business and Management Research, Edinburgh); PhD (Finance, Edinburgh)

Associate Professor
Department of Finance
Email: masrick@fin.jnu.ac.bdmasrick.hasan@gmail.com

Mr. Shaikh Masrick Hasan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Finance within the Faculty of Business Studies at Jagannath University, Bangladesh. Masrick has a strong track record of teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, both in Bangladesh and the UK. He is involved in various aspects of student support activities at Jagannath University. He is also a supervisor for both undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations.

Masrick has an excellent academic record. He completed his PhD in Finance at Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland, UK.He completed his BBA in Finance and MBA in Banking from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He also completed his second Masters (MSc) in Finance and Risk from the University of East London, UK. Additionally, he completed his PG Certificate in Business and Management Research from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland, UK.

Masrick has published several peer-reviewed journal articles in areas of finance, particularly focusing on ethical and sustainable investment. He has appeared at a number of internationally recognised conferences in the UK including Ethical Finance and Governance in Emerging Markets in 2018, Ethical Finance and Community Development Forum in 2018, and Management, Governance and Ethical Finance Conference in 2019.

Prior to moving in an academic career in 2012, Masrick worked for Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), the largest stock exchange in Bangladesh, for 2 years, and also run his family business for around 2 years. By doing so, he has experienced both subjective and practical knowledge in the field of finance and business management. 

Masrick is passionate about cultivating responsible, ethical and sustainable business practice in Bangladesh. He is keen about knowledge transfer, professional development, engagement, leadership, learning, and talent development. 

Masrick’s research interests are mainly focussed in the field of corporate governance, ethical and sustainable investment, investment risk management and capital market of Bangladesh.