Dr.Mohammed Moniruzzaman Khan
Department of Sociology

Publication of Dr.Mohammed Moniruzzaman Khan

Selected Published Articles

  1. Khan, M. M. (2019). Dynamics of getting women heard and changes in their roles and practices:  An analysis on coastal women in Bangladesh.  Accepted to publish as a book chapter in ‘Society and State’. Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata, India.

  2. Khan, M. M.,  Dey M.  R. & Bhattacharjee, M. (2020). Hybridization of Bengali Culture and Young Generation of Bangladesh: A Sociological Study. The Journal of Social Studies, Issue No. 148.

  3. Mazumder, N.,  Khan,  M. M., &  Islam,  M. J., (2019). Prevalence and factors of intimate partner violence in Bangladesh: A review of literature. Jagannath University Journal of Social Science. Accepted for upcoming issue.

  4. Rahman, M., & Khan, M. M., (2019). Adaptation mechanisms and challenges to water pollution in Bangladesh: A case of Buriganga River. Jagannath University Journal of Social Science. Accepted for upcoming issue.

  5. Kamal, M., Umama, U., Roman, S., & Khan, M. M. (2018). Impact of Flood on Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health: An Empirical Evidence from Northern Bangladesh. Global Journal of Medical Research. Vol. 18 (5).

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