Dr.Sabina Sharmin
Department of Sociology

Publication of Dr.Sabina Sharmin


Total Number of Publications (Academic Journals and Book):

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  9. Islam, R. & Sharmin, S. (2016).  MÖvgxY K…wl KvVv‡gvq cÖhyw³i e¨envi I cwieZ©b: Kvj‡cvnv MÖv‡gi Dci GKwU mgxÿv, mgvR wbixÿY, msL¨v-137,  GwcÖj-Ryb ,2016, c„t 34-50, mgvR wbixÿY †K›`ª, XvKv.   

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  14. Sharmin, S. (2019). Inside Child Development Center(CDC): Evidence from Bangladesh, Bangladesh University Journal, Vol. 03, Issue 01, June, 2019, Pp59-60. 


Total Number of Publications (Book):


 1. Sharmin, S. (2020) Juvenile Delinquency in Bangladesh: Dynamics and Legal Implications. Public Relations, Information & Publication Department,  Jagannath University, Dhaka. February, 2020.