Md. Rafiqul Islam (Study Leave)
Department of Sociology

Publication of Md. Rafiqul Islam (Study Leave)

   1. Published Books: 2007, Islam, Md. Rafiqul, edited ‘Narir Shofolota O Songram: Shoto Nari Netrir Bhabna.’ ( in Bengali ) (Success and Struggle for Women: Hundred Leading Women’s Views), Academic Press and Publisher Ltd. (APPL) Dhaka.


   2. Published Articles: He has few articles published on different referred journal in vaious issues. i .e. ‘Changing Different Traditional Marriage Rituals (2009); ‘Violation of rights of Woman in Informal Job Sector of Urban Bangladesh (2009); Experiencing Continuing Education (CE) in Bangladesh (2010); Success and Impacts of Education in the Garo Community of Bangladesh (2011); Understanding Different factors for Cultural Changes (2011); ‘Rural Power Structure and Rural Development (2010); ‘Problems of Women at Work (2012) ‘Contemporary Eve-Teasing (2012) in different journals.