Md. Saidur Rashid Sumon
Department of Sociology

Publication of Md. Saidur Rashid Sumon



Major Publications include:


a) Journal papers


1. Habib, S.E., Uddin, J. & Sumon, M.S.R. (2009). Drug Use and the Vulnerability of Young People on HIV/AIDS: A Need for a Drug Resistance Education Program in Bangladesh. Social Science Review, 26 (2), 73-90.


2. Uddin, J. & Sumon, M.S.R. (2010). The Utilization of Annual Development Program (ADP) fund for National Sanitation Program: An Assessment in some selected areas in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Public Administration, 1 & 2 (xix), 141-176.


3.   Sumon, M.S.R. (2012). Crime and Violence against Female Child Sex workers in a Bangladeshi Brothel. IBS journal, 35 (1), 103-112.


4.  Hossain, K. T. & Sumon, M.S.R. (2013). Violence against Women: Nature, Causes and Dimensions in Contemporary Bangladesh. e- journal of Sociology, 10 (1), 79-91.


5.  Banik, B. K. & Sumon, M.S.R. (2014). Availability of and accessibility to maternal health care services for Poor Women in Rajshahi City, Bangladesh. International Journal of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Science, 2 (4), 305-316.


6. Sumon, M.S.R. (2014). Criminalization of Urban Youth in Bangladesh: A case of Rajshahi City. The Journal of Social Development, 26 (1), 337-352.


7. Banik, B. K. & Sumon, M.S.R. (2018). Barriers to Access Maternal Health Services among Urban Poor Women in Bangladesh: A Case of Rajshahi City. South East Asia Journal of Public Health, 8 (1), 22-31.


b) Book Chapters

1.Sumon, M.S.R. & Khan, A.A. (2019). HIV/AIDS Vulnerability among Street Children in Urban Bangladesh: A Reality of Old Dhaka. In S. Banerjee, C. Pathak, & T.  P. Dentinho (Ed.), Urbanization and Sustainability in South Asia: Socio-economic Drivers, Environmental Pressures and Policy Responses (pp. 201-216). Switzerland: Springer.

2. Khan, A.A., Sumon, M.S.R. & Shovo, T.E.A. (2020). Socio-economic Impacts of Water Logging in the South-West Coast of Bangladesh. In In S. Banerjee, C. Pathak, & T.  P. Dentinho (Ed.), Water Management in South Asia: Socio-economic, Infrastructural, Environmental and Institutional Aspects (pp. 159-174). Switzerland: Springer.

c) Blog Posts

·  A Dilemma about Whether Child Labour is Regarded as “Violation” or “Protection” of Child Rights: A Growing Debate on “Pragmatism” Versus “Universalism” posted by IRLRC’s blog, University of Ottawa on February 22, 2019. Link:

·   Drug Abuse and the Vulnerability of HIV/AIDS: Children are at the Most Risk in Bangladesh”, posted by IRLRC’s blog, University of Ottawa on January 21, 2019. Link:

· “Homelessness is a Curse for Children in Bangladesh: In Quest of a Remedy”, posted by IRLRC’s blog, University of Ottawa on December 14, 2018. Link: