Dr.Farhana Zaman
Department of Sociology

Publication of Dr.Farhana Zaman

  • Article on “Bangladeshi Women’s Political Empowerment in Urban Local Governance”, Published in South Asia Research (SAR), Vol. 32, Number 2, July 2012.                
  • Article on ‘The Nature of Political Empowerment and Gender in Local Governance: A Comparative Study of Dhaka Municipal Corporation and Narayangonj Municipality’, Published in Bangladesh e-Journal of sociology, Vol. 4, Number 1, January 2007.


  • Article on “Depression in Women: A Perpetuated Issue by Patriarchy”, Published in  Journal of Socio-economic Research and Development, Vol. 9, Issue 3, June 2012.
  • Article on “Gender Equality: A Challenge to the Conventional Socialization”, Published in Public Administration journal, PATC, June 2012.
  • Article on “A Female Entrepreneurship of Bangladesh: Constraints, Motivation and Success”, Published in Bangladesh e-Journal of sociology, Vol. 11, Number 2, July 2014. URL:http://www.bangladeshsociology.org.
  • Article on “Immunization Status of Under-five Children in Bangladesh” published in Bangladesh University Journal’s upcoming issue.
  • Article on “Women in Informal Labor Market” published in American International University-Bangladesh Journal of Business Administration.

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