Dr.Ayesha Siddequa Daize
Department of Sociology

Biography of Dr.Ayesha Siddequa Daize

Ayesha Siddequa Daize

Assistant Professor in Sociology


Biographical Note:       

Ayesha Siddequa Daize has completed Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) in 2001 and Master of Social Sciences (MSS) in 2002 in Sociology from the University of Dhaka with advanced research monograph. She is now doing her PhD thesis on ‘The Socio-economic and Cultural Status of Sweeper Community in Dhaka City: A Sociological Study’. In Bangladesh a large numbers of sweepers have been passing an inhuman and sub-standard life and unbearable pains, enormous sufferings, serious accommodation problem and deep uncertainty. In this study she attempt to focus of analyzing present critical position of sweeper lies in the framework of social exclusion and marginality which has measured by the indicators like ethnic origin and identity, social rank, occupation, income, expenditure, professional trend or challenges, job security, joblessness, social access, social alienation and social and cultural capital. Her aim to find what types of discrimination and social exclusion they encounter in all spheres of their life and how have they harmonized themselves to their critical social, economic and cultural position? She will try to investigate what are the main barriers that prohibits them to attain power, authority and dignity by which they can improve from this marginal position. She will also attempt in her study to compare the status and the position of scheduled caste sweeper and Muslim sweeper which were able to present and help us to understand the general pictures of the sweeper community in Bangladesh.


Research Interest

Community and Culture, Marginality, Inequality and Poverty, Gender Studies, Urban studies