Md. Arafat Hossain Khan (On Study Leave)
Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Biography of Md. Arafat Hossain Khan (On Study Leave)


Research Interest:

  • Abstract and Real Analysis
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Quantum Gravity
  • Quantum Computer

I started my career as a professional software engineer while studying as an undergrad at Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. While teaching at Jagannath University I started feeling strong penchant for both applied and theoretical science. Based on my knowledge of electrical engineering and computer science I joined the lab at California, USA for implementing Intelligent Transportation System for California Department of Transportation. While finishing the project at California, I took some advanced courses of Physics and Mathematics. At that time I felt urge to study mathematics and switched to the department of Mathematical Sciences in Texas. Dealing with theoretical concepts mathematics is really sweet. Specially when already you are an engineer, you can view things from inside and outside.

I strongly encourage all the students of Jagannath University to explore diverse knowledge before becoming a specialist in any field. No matter how diverse someone is, at one point he/she will be forced to be a specialist as the realm of knowledge is unbounded with unbounded rate of increase.

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Md Arafat Hossain Khan
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Texas at Dallas
Room: FO 3.118A
Phone: +1 (775) 338-9105
email: sagar_buet at