Dr. Farida Akhter Khanam
Department of Sociology

Biography of Dr. Farida Akhter Khanam


Dr. Farida Akhter Khanam

Professor in Sociology

Contact: faridakhanam64@yahoo.com

Mobile No. 01712802682

Biographical Note:

Dr. Farida Akhtar Khanam is the chairman in the Department of Sociology, Jagannath University. Dr. Khanam has received her MSS in Sociology from Chittagong University. She is Professor in the Department of Sociology. Her interests are in the fields of family, socialization, gender and development, disaster and vulnerability, globalization, social structure. She is currently involved in series of projects which focuses on her study interests. Prior to joining the Jagannath University in January 2008, she held teaching position at the Chittagong University, Department of Sociology.

Research Interest:

Family, Socialization, Gender and Development, Disaster and Vulnerability, Globalization, Social Structure