Dr. S M Masum Billah
Department of Law

Conference Papers of Dr. S M Masum Billah

Conference Presentation

“The Future of ICC’s Effect Jurisdiction: The Rohingya Crisis in Perspective” paper presented at International Symposium on ICL and IHL, CUPL, Beijing, China, 25-26 March 2019.

"Dealing with Offences Relating to Religion in a Secular Bangladesh" paper presented at the Religious Penal Clause Conference, National University Singapore, 5-6 Dec 2018.

"Property Rights: 'To be or Not to Be' in the Constitution" paper presented at the 7th Asian Constitutional Law Forum, Thammasat University, Bangkok, 8-9 Dec 2017.

“The Colonial Land Politics in Bengal” paper presented at the 21st NZASIA Conference, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, 29 Nov 2015-1 December 2015.

“The Bangladeshi Sharecroppers: A Call for Legal Reforms” paper presented at the 16th World Bank Conference, Washington DC, 23-27 March 2015.

“Land Law in Colonial Bengal: A Historical Overview” paper presented in the 33rd ANZLHS Conference, University of New England, Australia, 10-13 December 2014.

“Sovereign Rights under UNCLOS III: Bane or Boon—Some Human Rights Considerations” paper presented at the international conference on “Re-thinking International Law and Justice” jointly organized by Istanbul Kultur University, Turkey and Griffith Law School, Australia, Istanbul Turkey, 24-25 September 2012.

“Pros and Cons of Problem-Based Learning as a Method of Engaging First Year Law Students” paper presented at School of Law, BRAC University at a Seminar on "Reviewing Aspects of Legal Education", Dhaka, 2012.

“Constitutionalism and Martial Law in Bangladesh: 5th Amendment Case Revisited” paper presented at the 4th Asian Constitutional Law Conference held at the School of Law, Hong Kong University, 16-17 Dec 2011.

“Legal Empowerment of the Poor” concept paper presented at the Regional Conference on Legal Empowerment of the Poor, MARG, New Delhi, 24-25 February, 2011.

“Children’s Right at War” paper presented at the Summer School, Mofid University Iran, 12 July-17 July 2010.

“Right to Life and Medical Negligence” paper presented at the 1st International Conference on Bio-ethics, BBS, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 16 March 2010.

“Legal Awareness and Enforcement of Human Rights” paper presented at the conference on Legal Awareness (Bangladesh Society of Enforcement of Human Rights, on Dhaka, 18 February 2010). 

“War Crimes and Genocide 71: Bringing the Perpetrators to Justice” paper presented at the 2nd International Conference on Genocide, Truth and Justice along with Dr. Mizanur Rahman as Co-presenter, Dhaka, CIRDAP, Liberation War Museum, 30-31 July 2009.