Dr. Shafiqur Rahman Khan
Department of Law

Conference Papers of Dr. Shafiqur Rahman Khan

Paper Presentation

  • Corruption as an International Issue, session conducted at the 7th Human Rights Summer School, 10-21 December, 2007, Koitta, Manikgonj, Bangladesh.
  • Safe Custody of the Children, session conducted at the 8th Human Rights Summer School, December, 2008, Koitta, Manikgonj, Bangladesh.
  • Legal Awareness and Enforcement of Human Rights, 9th Human Rights Summer School, December, 2009.
  • Peaceful Settlement of Water Dispute, 10th Human Rights Summer School, December 2010.
  • Consumer Protection Law in Bangladesh, Presentations at Divisional and National Level, in the project of Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) and Consumer International (CI), June 2009-June 2010.
  • Children's Right at War, Paper presented at the Mofid University Iran, 12 July-17 July 2010.
  • WTO Dispute Settlement and Human Rights, in 11th Human Rights Summer School, Koitta, Manikgonj, Bangladesh, December 2010.

Training/Workshops (in capacity of a Trainee or Trainer)

  • Undergone a three-day training workshop on refugee law organized by ELCOP in collaboration with UNHCR, which was held in Koitta, Manikganj from 1st October to 3rd October 2006
  • Completed a three days' Workshop on advanced legal research organized by Dhaka University Law Faculty in September 2005.
  • Worked as one of the Resident Instructors in the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th  Human Rights Summer School respectively held in December 2007-2011 at Koitta, Manikgonj, Bangladesh. Fifty selected students from different Law Schools of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal participated in each School.
  • Attended a two days seminar on Legal Response to Terrorism organized by Faculty of Law, University of Dhaka on 27-28 July 2008.
  • Attended two days teaching seminar on Child Rights at Dhaka University in October 2009.
  • Attended one day workshop on Child Rights Bill, 28 February 2010
  • Worked as a resource person in two-day long workshop on refugee law for the law enforcers from 28-29 July, 2011.