Marjia Rahman
Department of Sociology

Publication of Marjia Rahman

1. Rahaman, S.S.B. & Rahman, M. (2020). Livelihood Assets and Vulnerability of Living of Urban Slum Dwellers: A Sociological Study in Barisal City, Barishal University Journal of Social Sciences, 1(1):115-136, ISSN 2411-247X.

2. Rahman, M. (2019). Drivers and Outcomes of Domestic Waste Mismanagement: A Sociological Study at Rapidly Urbanized Dhaka, The Journal of Social Studies, Vol.163:20-41. July-September

3. Rahman, M. & Khan, M.M. (2018). Adaptation mechanisms and challenges to water pollution in Bangladesh: A case of Buriganga River. Jagannath University Journal of Social Sciences, 8 & 9(1 & 2):16-36. ISSN 2311-3626