Jagannath University Journal of Science
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Volume & Issue Author`s Name Title
Volume 8 Issue 1S. F. Ahmmed* , B. M. R. Haque and P. P. GharamiComputational Modeling of MHD Multiphase Fluid Flow Past a Stretching/ Shrinking SheetDownload
Volume 8 Issue 1Rahul Nath and Mansura Begum*VECM for Measuring the Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on GDPDownload
Volume 8 Issue 1Smita Sarker1 and Md. Siddiqur Rahman2*Two-Step Automated Robust Model BuildingDownload
Volume 8 Issue 1K. F. Kakolee1* , S. Pervin2 , Md. Shahabuddin1 M.M.M. Siraz2 and S. Yeasmin2Measurement of Natural Radioactivity due to 226Ra, 232Th and 40K in Soil at Chandpur District, BangladeshDownload
Volume 8 Issue 1Md. Shah Alam, S. M. Abu Nayem, Biswajit Kumar Biswas, Muhammad Zamir Hossain*Photocatalytic and Antibacterial Activity Assessment of Spherical Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized by Chemical Precipitation MethodDownload
Volume 8 Issue 1Md Rafiqul Islam, Mehrab Hosen Mahi, Arnisha Akhter, Md. Abu Layek*Comparison of Loss Functions in Blind Image Quality Assessment using a Deep Bi-linearly Pooled ConvNetDownload
Volume 8 Issue 1Sreedam Chandra Adhikari1 , Mohammad Sanjeed Hasan2 , Rabeya Akter1 , Rabindra Nath Mondal1 *Unsteady Features of Laminar Viscous Incompressible Flow and Temperature Dissemination through a Rotating Bent Rectangular Channel: The Case of Negative RotationDownload
Volume 8 Issue 1Nazifa Anjum, Sabarni Sarker, Sukumar Bepary, Bishyajit Kumar Biswas*Analytical Assay Method Validation of Levofloxacin 250 mg Tablet by HPLC Using C8 Reversed-Phase ColumnDownload
Volume 8 Issue 1Abdus Samad1,* , Mai Furukawa2 , Ikki Tateishi3 , Hideyuki Katsumata2 , Satoshi Kaneco2,3Modification of Molybdenum Blue Method for the Determination of total Arsenic Concentration with OxoneDownload